AGE with CARE is a joint project of Tom van Oosterhout and Hannie Mommers. A couple of years ago we made several important decisions.

  • First was to sell our house in Holland and move to a warmer climate.
  • Second was to drastically lose weight, which was necessary because our cholesterol levels were too high.

Both decisions had a big impact on our views of living healthy and taking care of each other and ourselves. And because we feel really good due to the changes, our goal is to share that with other people.

Hannie Mommers

” I celebrated my 66th birthday last year (2019) and am a life long student, always trying to improve myself or my work. Born and raised in the Netherlands by parents who took me traveling from age 4, instilling a big appetite for traveling and other cultures in me.

In the past I have been a graphic designer as a self employed entrepreneur. And an art teacher at a highschool. Occasionally I still teach. I love teaching.
Online endeavors: Have a look at my other websites or posts if you want to know even more about me:

Tom and I are married and we have one son, who also lives In Spain (I wonder where he got his sense of traveling from). He married over there and made us some very proud grandparents of 2 beautiful boys. “

Tom van Oosterhout

” If anything, I always very much enjoyed my work. Perhaps this was partially due to the constant changing content and environment of my jobs. I was a journalist, a civil servant, a teacher, a consultant, and perhaps foremost a researcher.  

After having been a ‘salary-man’ for over ten years, I pushed myself into the realm of self-employment. The wide variety of customer needs fitted perfectly with my anxiety and ambition. Although what interested me most, and still does, are issues such as the welfare state and its challenges, sustainability, organic farming, and culture.  

My favorite pastimes are reading, writing, cooking, and the outdoor life. I love to walk, and cycle. Recently I discovered how much I enjoy working on the field, like a true agrarian. I surely will invest more of my time in this. My social live evolves around Hannie, and the family of my son. My grandchildren love their ‘opa’ (Dutch for grandfather). If possible I stay in contact with my Dutch friends as much as possible.

If you wish to read some of my articles, you should visit my website www.politicalworkplace.com

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