AGE with CARE supports 60-plussers how to maintain a good health as age increases.

Aging doesn’t mean you stop being active...

...and for you it’s important now more than ever to stay active!

Part of your active life is to achieve the right support. Support that guides you through life and helps you to achieve the best way to stay healthy while aging. Our free e-book details DOZENS of effective ways to improve your mobility…

...even if your mobility has temporarily declined due to illness or injuries. 

Download our free information "56 Ways to improve your mobility".

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Stress affects our health in a major way. The number of stress-related illnesses is devastating. Don’t assume stress retires when you do.

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Retirement is a major lifestyle change, which is underestimated. It’s easier not to change. Our own lifestyle is always the best. So why should we change?

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​As far as food can make us feel better, it is good to reflect on our dietary intake. A good way to lose weight is eating less than you are used to.

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Portion distortion at your plate

Everybody wants to grow old happy and healthy

To enable this you have to age with care. To age with care implies that you control the quality of your life. AgewithCare offers you the guidance that will help you manage the quality of your life. 

In our view five supporting principles are at stake: exercise, nourish, socialize, contribute, and celebrate. Control of these principles is a prerequisite to grow old happy and healthy.

Like me you are older and wiser than you used to be. You want to gather as much information as you can and make your own calculated choices.

Weight Management for 60+

Once you have got a warning one way or another you’re bound to watch your food intake more carefully. Learn how your age can trick you if you are not aware of the pitfalls. 

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