What are 7 Healthy Eating Habits when You want to Be Active?

Healthy Eating Habits?

In the Netherlands, when we were children, we ate 2 sandwiches with chocolate sprinkles or peanut butter for breakfast. The same for lunch. And at the end of the day between 5 and 6 pm the warm meal: potatoes, meat and vegetables.

The same every day.

Later, when Tom and I had our son and wanted to be a healthy family, we changed some of these habits. Only fruits for breakfast, sandwiches with cheese for lunch and more variation for the evening meals, alternating the usual Dutch food with rice, pasta, salads and such. Changing the time to a hipper 7 to 8pm.

It is obvious that the heavy stuff was digested at night. Now that we are aging we have a completely different opinion about whether that are healthy eating habits. We want to be both active and sleep well. Food plays an important role in accomplishing that.

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Keep an open mind: Challenge your experiences

Keep an open mind: Challenge your experiences

I first experienced the importance of an open mind when I started to listen to music. Radio-pirates transmitted the music I preferred from their boats off the coast. With the little transistor I got for my birthday I was able to tune in on them.

But how did I know I preferred the ‘pirate’ music over classical music from the state sanctioned post-war distribution radio? Through my friends. They shared their excitement with me. And through the newspaper I read every morning. 

Of course, I wanted to identify myself with my friends through the music they liked. I wanted to be part of our group. However, very early I noticed how important it is to keep an open mind. And not just for music. I will explain how I found out and learned to keep an open mind.

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How to make friends when you are older?

How to make friends when you are older?

Years ago, when all my friends were either occupied by working very hard or by doting on grandchildren and babysitting them, I was convinced I needed new friends. I was equally convinced it’s impossible to make friends when you are older!

Negative or limiting beliefs serve nobody. And being convinced it is not possible to do something is a sure guarantee I won’t be able to do it. Duh. I am so glad I was wrong, but I only realized this when I read some posts in one of the Facebook groups I am in.

This is a group with a lot of single or widowed women and the topic often is solitude and loneliness. And I do realize my position is privileged, because I am happily married. For 45 years, so I can in no way imagine how I would feel when I would be alone.

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Does vaccination protect the herd in case of infections?

Does vaccination protect

Does vaccination protect the herd in case of infectious deceases? This is open for debate. We, for instance dodge vaccination against seasonal influenza. This can lead to hilarious situations. 

At some point our GP’s system failed and we were called by mistake for the yearly flu jab. When I asked the assistant ‘How come?’, she responded: “Oh, that’s right. You’re flu refusers”. And yes, that’s how it is, we dodge the flu. 

Protect yourself with a healthy lifestyle

We advocate a healthy lifestyle as the best protection against the flu. The reasons for people to dodge vaccination are always profiled negatively. Does this mean that we are dummies or just plain stupid?

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What is Passive Income anyway? Have you ever heard of it?

What is Passive Income anyway?

Some 8 years ago I was attending a business seminar and suddenly I pricked up my ears. What? What was he saying? The topic was Income and passive income was mentioned as one of the possibilities.

Until then, I had never heard of the phrase and for a while I kept wondering “What is passive income anyway?”

It was a solid business seminar and the question was answered thoroughly that day. Ever since I was intrigued and have tried several possibilities. I love learning new stuff and this was new to me. Although… not completely new, because unaware of the terminology I had been making a couple of passive income streams. 🙂

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Why is giving our most fundamental motive?

Why is giving our most fundamental motive?

Giving, and not selfishness, is our most fundamental motive. Selfishness is a century old idea that hardly touches on the way we live. Giving explains far better why we do what we do, everyday of the week.

The best way to understand giving as our most fundamental motive is by examining what the costs and benefits are. As it appears selfishness harms the self. In contrast, giving benefits. How is this possible?


In specific circumstances of threats to our personal life, fight-or-flight is our best – and selfish – option. In these days of the virus this assumption must be questioned.

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How to sleep better and faster when you’re aging

How to sleep better and faster when you’re aging
I like these orange glasses because I can put them over my much-needed prescribed glasses.

For years I browsed the internet and read books about how to sleep better and faster. Although I am still not the gold medal winner of sleepers, my sleep did improve. And now that I am aging I am more and more convinced it is very important to sleep deep and long enough.

One of the fears of a lot of aging people is to get dementia. It sure is one of my fears. My father, grandmother and an aunt had Alzheimer’s. One of the reasons people can get it is through sleep deprivation. My father has been in shift work for years. Of course nobody knows if this was the cause why he got the disease.

Alzheimer’s is believed not to be hereditary. So it is not said that I shall have it. But as you can understand I want to do everything in my power to prevent it actively. 

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Why study late in life is worthwhile considering

Why study late in life is worthwhile considering

To study late in life comes with an enormous amount of advantages. See it as a kind of exercise. It keeps your brain fit. And don’t worry about your brain, it’s stronger than you might think.

Both Hannie and I never stopped educating ourselves. We probably will be studying as long as we can read and listen. Lately I have been picking up my old love for literature again, more specifically for poetry. This gives me much pleasure. 

However, the question is why you should study late in life. Of course, because to study gives pleasure. Yet there is more to this question that meets the eye.

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26 Ways to Spend your Time before Breakfast

The way you spend your time before breakfast sets the tone for the rest of the day. It even influences the way you will sleep at night. 

Especially in these challenging times of the Coronavirus it’s tempting to get sloppy. But I can assure you from my own experience that when you give in to feeling down it is the start of a slippery slope downwards. You will not care about your plans anymore, about how you look or about what you eat and drink.

What works in your favor? What will work against it?

Spend your time before breakfast doing some exercises

One of every three mobile owners looks at their phone during the night. Almost 50% of people look at their mobile first thing in the morning. In reality this means that other people – the journalists of the news or the ones sending you whatsapps or emails – decide what your mood will be.

For instance, you get frustrated because the news isn’t good (as it never is, because otherwise it wouldn’t have made it to the news). 

Or someone asks for your help. And now you’re distracted to think of ways to comply. Mind you, it’s great that someone cares enough about you to ask for help. And you should help. But most of the time it’s not good to be informed in the middle of the night or in the early morning. You’d better start the day right and help yourself first.

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To eat healthy or not to eat healthy? Is that the question?

‘To eat healthy’, gets far more gravity in these days of confinement. That is because to sit at home all day comes with the imminent risk of over-eating and under-exercising.

It takes quite some self-discipline to eat healthy and to stay in motion when locked up inside four walls.

What is your ‘eating lifestyle’?

Drink enough water

But what is ‘to eat healthy’? Does this mean that you eat healthy food and drink healthy? Most eat-professionals suggest certain food consumption behaviors. For example:

  • Chew your food well
  • Take and mark your time to eat
  • Drink enough water
  • Eat fresh produce 
  • Vary what you eat from one day to the other

Of course, most of us already try to balance our intake of calories, vitamins, carbohydrates and proteins. Some of us follow specific eating patterns. Such as the ketogenic and paleolithic diet. We think it’s worthwhile to study those patterns and to try them out. 

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