Is Happiness the Key to be Successful or Vice Versa?

Is Happiness the Key to be Successful or Vice Versa?

Is happiness the key to be successful or is success the key to be happy? It probably depends on who you ask this question. If you ask me, I say happiness comes first. But if you would have asked my Dad he would have said success is the main thing.

The mother of my father had to raise 6 children on her own during the crisis of the 30s because my grandfather died young. So my father had a job from age 12.

He was determined to study and work himself up to a better position. He went to night school and became a very skilled metalworker. During World War II he was imprisoned in an Arbeitslager in Germany. My father always claimed this hadn’t been too bad because he found refuge in his profession and could perfect his skill there.

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Make a Daily Intention – Happiness is Living on Purpose

Make a Daily Intention - Happiness is Living on Purpose

Having a purpose in life, is a guarantee to make you feel happy. Haven’t we all experienced times in our life we were working on something and had to force ourselves to stop for the day? And couldn’t wait to continue the next day.

A lot of people only experience this as a kid and forget all about it in adult life. Having a purposeful daily intention can bring that feeling back.

Tom and I always loved our job. On the rare occasions when that was not the case, we resigned. And later, when we were entrepreneurs, we didn’t work with clients who were too stressful.

Some friends and acquaintances said, almost enviously, that we were lucky. While we felt that we were just working for it. Yet, it was in an unconscious way. That changed later by using some tools. This article is about how you can give meaning to a daily intention.

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Are We Losing the Battle against the COVID-19 Virus?

Are We Losing the Battle against the COVID-19 Virus?

The battle against the covid-19 virus was from the beginning not centered on the problems of the people really suffering. Everybody hoped a vaccine would solve their personal problems. Such as not being able to go to work or to school or the theater or a bar or restaurant.

The way the virus behaved though puzzled me: Why do we concentrate on a vaccine when most people do not suffer from the virus, even when they are infected? Why vaccinate everybody, when most people do not suffer from the virus? Why close all businesses, schools and public gatherings? Why wear masks? Why wreck the economy?

Nobody seemed to ponder about the most fundamental question. Why don’t we focus on the perspective of the end of the pipeline? This end being that only a limited number of affected people suffer proportionally much more than the majority. Nobody suggested the end of the pipeline as the strategic focus of pandemic policies.

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What is the Meaning of a Personal Legacy? Being remembered for . . .

What is the Meaning of a Personal Legacy?

In the past I have been a caregiver. The last 10 years of my father’s life for both my parents. And after his passing another 10 years for my mother. The periods after their deaths were intensive times of reflection. 

What is the meaning of a personal legacy? What do I remember most about my parents? And as a consequence: what do I want to be remembered for later?

We probably all want to be remembered for great deeds, but are we actually setting anything in motion that indeed is great? How big are our dreams and what efforts do we take to accomplish them?

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How to find reliable information on the Internet?

How to find reliable information on the Internet?

Reliable information on the Internet is at the moment a much debated topic. Not the least on the Internet itself. This is quite rightly so.

There are all sorts of individuals, organizations, companies and governments on the Internet that only serve their own extremely limited concerns. How to deal with such devious sources? However, more importantly, where can you find reliable information on the Internet?

Rules of thumb

A couple of months ago I suggested some rules of thumb to judge the reliability of information on the Internet. From my explanation above you might have guessed why these rules are important.

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26 Ways to Spend your Time before Breakfast

Walking before breakfast

The way you spend your time before breakfast sets the tone for the rest of the day. It even influences the way you will sleep at night. 

Especially in these challenging times of the Coronavirus, it’s tempting to get sloppy.

But I can assure you from my own experience that when you give in to feeling down it is the start of a slippery slope downwards. You will not care about your plans anymore, about how you look, or about what you eat and drink.

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Happiness is more than thinking positive thoughts

What have neuromarketing and epigenetics to do with happiness and positive thoughts

When someone asks me “What defines your happiness?”, then for me it’s often studying and learning new things. Last year my focus point was neuromarketing. This year it is epigenetics

Those 2 disciplines both have the primal brain as their object of study. Neuromarketing got my interest from a business point of view, where epigenetics triggers me on a personal level.

Epigenetics is a new discipline that studies the influence of our environment and our behavior on the activation of genes. It shows that anything we do, eat, drink or think can make us stronger or weaker. 

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Statistics that get us off guard

Statistics. In these turbulent times the media throw one statistic after the other at us. Every statistic is countered by a ‘culture of skepticism’. This skepticism is understandable, but not very productive.

It’s not easy to produce reliable statistics and often not very easy to understand their significance. More specifically so when statistics try to grapple everyday changes, as with the covid-19-pandemia.

But before you think this blog is about the reliability and validity of statistics, its not. It just wants to throw some light on how statistics became an intricate part of our everyday life. 

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