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We all know it’s better to move and exercise more than we do. But at times it’s difficult to start and to keep on going once you have managed that. {{CODE2}}

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Learn in this Exercise Guide how I overcame my backpain and prevent it from coming back.

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2 thoughts on “Get Ready for a Challenge”

  1. I am eighty years old with a hip replacement on my left hip which I still have problems with. And the start of problems on my right hip. I try to keep myself fit. I keep moving and swim at least twice a week. I exercise every morning on my bed with a lot of stretching exercises. I would be very grateful if I had a set of exercises to do every day, I refuse to give in to arthritis.

  2. I am sorry to hear about your hip problems, Patricia, but I admire you for not wanting to give up. Real good of you.
    The objective of the Challenge is to keep on moving and inspire each other.
    Two things are very important:
    1) Ask your physiotherapist which exercises are good for you.
    2) Listen very carefully to your body to experience what you can do and what not. Test yourself each time.
    I am sure you will get inspiration from the challenge. And in my eBook (which you will get as a gift when you subscribe) are some exercises I got from my physiotherapist that are good.


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