Daydreaming with a plan

Daydreaming with a plan

The conference room was packed with 800 people! The subject was Personal Development. I was not sure if I would be comfortable enough in a room so full of people. Would I feel safe enough to dig into myself?

At the end of the day the answer turned out to be ‘yes’. The process, the support team, the other people (who by the way were just as insecure as I had been); all contributed to a great experience.

I went home with a plan. 🙂

Out of my comfort zone

As an entrepreneur I was used to setting goals. Usually at the start of a new year. But I am raised the Dutch way: ‘be modest, do not brag, do not imagine that you are better than anybody else’.

To go out of my way by imagining possibilities I never dared take into consideration before, was a huge step. It made me scared and it made me uncomfortable at first. 

And eventually made me grow and did wonders for my self-confidence.

Fast forward to a couple of years later


When our house was sold and we were minimizing our belongings I cleared away the physical stuff. The digital stuff had to wait for later. That didn’t take up much space anyway.

Last year I finally found the time to tidy my computer’s hard disk. And this is what I found! A file I made after the seminar.

My dreams:

  1. I build a house in Spain so that I live closer to my son.
  2. That house is completely self-sufficient, with solar or wind energy, and all kinds of smart systems for water and waste processing in it. 
  3. I give shape to my passion for sustainability. 
  4. There is a good internet connection to maintain contact with the Netherlands, with our friends. 
  5. In addition to a studio space in the garden, there is also a guest house so that people can come and visit us and stay with us.

Getting emotional shows passion

Tears were in my eyes when I found that file. Not that I had forgotten those dreams – for the past 7 years I had worked hard on them. But I did forget some of the details. And I certainly forgot I wrote it down in a file.

A part is nowadays reality

Dream come true

Not everything is exactly the way I dreamed it. We bought a 15-year old house, which is not self-sufficient yet. That’s a work in progress. It is in Spain however and it does have a good internet connection.

Friends come and visit us. We don’t have a guest space and they can’t stay, but for most of them that’s not a problem.

AHA Erlebnis

Finding the file made me realize all the more that I want to share my knowledge and experience with you. I wish these kind of dreams and letting them come true to you all. I wish you to be lucky.

You won’t get lucky by sitting and hoping. You will get lucky if you have a dream with a plan. And the willingness to work on it. I am going to help you with that.

Build on your happiness

A good start is the beginning of your day. If you spend the hour before breakfast on working actively on being happy, very soon you’ll BE happy.

Download this printable PDF with an Infographic on how to spend that hour.

ONE well-spent hour before breakfast

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