Reaching a desired goal

Lose weight slowly and healthy to feel great about yourself.

It was horrible to see our friend that ill. And even worse hearing his story about unattended complaints and wrong diagnoses. It got us thinking. How could we be sure we didn’t have any hidden illnesses?
So as soon as we could, we went to the GP for a blood and a urine test.

What a disappointment. Both our cholesterol levels were way too high. And here we thought we were doing so well, eating healthy and moving a lot. The solution was to lose weight. I had to lose at least 10 kilos and my husband 15.

In the past both of us tried to lose weight on several occasions. Gaining the kilos gradually after reaching a desired goal. So the biggest problem was a mental one. That little voice inside our head kept telling us, that we didn’t succeed then, so why would we succeed now.

Lose weight slowly and healthy

But the past is not the future. There was no reason why we wouldn’t succeed this time and sustain the reached weight.
The best decision we made was to not call our new way of eating a diet, but call it a lifestyle. A diet is something you do for a while. A lifestyle is a permanent change.

So yes, we did alter some of our eating habits, but the biggest change was so simple that people’s reaction inevitably was “Duh…”.

This one simple modification was to eat less!

Watch the combinations

And of course it sounds a lot simpler than it is in reality. After all, how do you accomplish eating less?
For us the trick was to leave one of the elements out of our meals. So instead of vegetables, proteins and carbohydrates, we eat either vegetables and proteins or vegetables and carbs.

Both of us lost over 20 kilos in a 2 year time period. We’re feeling better then ever.
And what’s most important: for the past 6 months we have stabilized our reached weight.

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