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Live long and healthy.
Extend your active lifestyle!

How to develop a lifespan lasting strategy and get the most out of it

Live longer and healthier
How to stay healthy at 60+

Stress affects our health in a major way. The number of stress-related illnesses is devastating. Don’t assume stress retires when you do.

A lot of studies compare our modern, stressful life with that of our prehistoric ancestors.
They argue that our reptile and animal brains still dominate most of what we do. Our lives changed, but our bodies didn't keep pace. Hence the stress.

Exercise helps you to be aware of this and to counter stress. This primes your body to modern life’s challenges. But more is required to counter stress and to ensure you a long and healthy life.

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In the Western world you go to a doctor when you are ill. And you pay them no matter if they cure you or not.
Most doctors will subscribe medication instantly. The pharmacy industry has a big influence in that respect.

It would be better to change that business model. A doctor should be paid if he or she prevents you from getting ill.
By giving more attention to your dietary intake.
By giving more tips for a healthy lifestyle.

Are you crazy enough to follow your own path?

When my cholesterol levels turned out to be too high, I had to put in a lot of effort to resist the pressure of my GP for a lifelong intake of statines. Friends who gave in to that pressure have too many side effects - for instance walking stiffly - for me to give in easily.

A change of lifestyle helps you in more ways than the intended change only. For me it meant a loss of weight, more flexibility and more happiness.

Be wise and inform yourself

Like me you are older and wiser than you used to be. You want to gather as much information as you can and make your own calculated choices.

I want to help you with this. That’s why I wrote an eBook about the different aspects that are important to live longer and healthier.

30 day money back guarantee

This eBook covers 5 chapters:

  1. Age with care!
  2. Test your fitness level
  3. Posture - the overlooked measure of fitness
  4. Rewinding the aging clock
  5. Future trends to keep us young and healthy
How to stay healthy at 60+

Hannie Mommers

Owner and co-founder of AGE with CARE

When I changed my food- and exercise-routine my cholesterol levels went down. Since that moment I am a big advocate of self care and feel responsible for my own life.
I want to share that with other 60+ people.

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