How to organize neighborhood care?

How to organize neighborhood care - shopping together

Neighborhood care is booming in The Netherlands and Germany. More and more citizens participate in social networks in their neighborhoods to ensure care support. Such shared support compensates for the rise of social, physical, psychological and cognitive shortcomings when aging. Neighborhood care is a clever choice when aging.

With this type of self-organization citizens compensate for the shortcomings of aging and for the shortcomings of public and commercial care services. Particularly given the current health crisis, these initiatives are more than welcome. However, how do you organize neighborhood care?

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Digital health

Digital health

Digital health has seriously taken off during the past few years. But what is digital health? No computer, as yet, has been able to cure any ailments. Is digital health perhaps about those cute little digital dogs, called Aibo? They keep you company when you’re lonely.

Or is digital health about those numerous digital health-training programs for medical staff? Or the advanced computer storage and processing devices, without which no nurse or doctor would be able to perform their job. Even more complicated are surgical robots.

However, the digital headlines have most severely been hit by the speedy rise and vast amount of consumer digital health supporting systems. These systems fall in the category assistive technologies, about which I’ve written already very briefly. 

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How to cross personal and social boundaries

90 year old

Why does a woman of 90 say: “I am not old. My neighbor is old.” And how old is your neighbor? “91.” With her statement the 90 year old woman emphasizes her independence. She warns you not to cross her personal boundaries. To cross personal and social boundaries is an effort.

The fear of crossing personal and social boundaries is a common human quality. Most people don’t want to ask others for help. The fear of losing independence is the biggest psychological threshold. On the other hand, nearly everybody is willing and prepared to help others. 

To get something done we will have to cross our personal and social boundaries. Many personal issues we address with AGEwithCARE tackle this challenge.* Yet there is a limit in how much care you can take of yourself. Our personal time, space, and behavior just have their boundaries. How do we cross these boundaries? 

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