Healthy Lifestyle: What are the Dangers of Sitting too Long and too Much?

Healthy Lifestyle: What are the Dangers of Sitting too Long and too Much?

We don’t have to make an effort for 2 of the – probably most – deadly factors for an aging person: sitting too long and loneliness. I wrote about turning loneliness actively around in How to make friends when you are older? And this article is about the dangers of sitting too long and how to prevent it.

Ever since I have my Oura ring I am aware of how much I spend my time sitting. Even though I consider myself an active person. Originally I bought the ring to give me insights in my sleep, but the ring collects a lot more data. Not just my active time, but also the inactive time.

Before wearing my ring I would have guessed my sitting time is about 8 hours a day. All the statistics say that is a healthy maximum. It turned out my average was an awful between 12 to 13 hours!

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26 Ways to Spend your Time before Breakfast

The way you spend your time before breakfast sets the tone for the rest of the day. It even influences the way you will sleep at night. 

Especially in these challenging times of the Coronavirus it’s tempting to get sloppy. But I can assure you from my own experience that when you give in to feeling down it is the start of a slippery slope downwards. You will not care about your plans anymore, about how you look or about what you eat and drink.

What works in your favor? What will work against it?

Spend your time before breakfast doing some exercises

One of every three mobile owners looks at their phone during the night. Almost 50% of people look at their mobile first thing in the morning. In reality this means that other people – the journalists of the news or the ones sending you whatsapps or emails – decide what your mood will be.

For instance, you get frustrated because the news isn’t good (as it never is, because otherwise it wouldn’t have made it to the news). 

Or someone asks for your help. And now you’re distracted to think of ways to comply. Mind you, it’s great that someone cares enough about you to ask for help. And you should help. But most of the time it’s not good to be informed in the middle of the night or in the early morning. You’d better start the day right and help yourself first.

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Strength training to prevent falls in 60-plussers

Unfortunately, aging people believe they are going to hurt themselves if they start lifting weights. That’s not true! According to WebMD experts, one of the best decisions anybody can make is to start building lean muscle, even at age 60 or 70!

Strength training does not only helps you to increase your metabolism and burn fat. It also decreases the risk of serious injury because it strengthens your bones, your body, and your muscles, it helps to deter disease, to increase bone mass, and to make you feel confident and happy in your body and life.

If you are immobile, like in a wheelchair or bed, you can still increase your muscle strength with a modified exercise routine. Even if you use cans of soup for strengthening your biceps it’s better than nothing! 

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