How to Have a Healthy Lifestyle that Contributes to Longevity

How to Have a Healthy Lifestyle that Contributes to Longevity

How to have a healthy lifestyle that contributes to longevity is a challenging issue. We’ve addressed this issue before. In this article, we present a new perspective by summarizing the key elements.

Fortunately, most people are in good health. They consciously arrange for a healthy lifestyle and longevity. They are very keen at adapting to a healthy lifestyle, are successful in doing so, and are very happy about it.

We think that everybody can copy their behavior, to improve longevity and age successfully. The trick is to adapt our personal lifestyle to their example. 

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What Certainly Not to Do when You Want to Lose Weight

What Certainly Not to Do when You Want to Lose Weight

When I was young I weighed 50 kg. With my height of 1.72m that hardly was a healthy weight and I often had black spots in front of my eyes when I rose from a squatting or sitting position.

After my pregnancy this changed dramatically. I was content I had gained 20 to 25 kg and that I didn’t lose it all after giving birth to my son. My weight back then was between 65 and 70 kg which made me feel more comfortable with my body.

The menopause brought another change. Suddenly I saw myself in the mirror with a bloated head. I had gained too much weight and it showed. When I finally had the nerve to weigh myself, the scale showed an unwanted 86 kg. “Help, I want to lose weight!”

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Healthy Lifestyle: What are the Lifetime Benefits of Organic Food

What are the Lifetime Benefits of Organic Food

The benefits of organic food are numerous. We buy and eat organic food, because it’s better for our environment, for biodiversity, for our food supply, for our health, and for farmers as well. How to explain all these advantages?

For us, to buy organic food is a way to contribute to a better world. With this in mind, we have no problem with the extra price we pay for organic food. It’s an investment that pays off immediately.

Organic food is in fact cheap because we hardly spend money on doctors or medication. We also enjoy to invest in the devotion and enthusiasm of the organic farmers and shopkeepers we know. We admire their craftsmanship and their courage for going against the conventional farmers and food industry.

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Food with a conscience, is more than just healthy food

Food with a conscience, is more than just healthy food

Food with a conscience is something most of us want more and more. We visit the supermarket and try to think beyond what we want on our plate. Yes, we want healthy food, but we also want to know where the food comes from.

However, the more we have to buy, the more difficult it is to keep track of our good conscience. That’s why I’ve made up some rules of thumb for ‘food with a conscience’.

Straight from the field

When I lived at home with my parents this was totally different. We used to buy our food everyday. Most of the food was cultivated nearby. Now and then we went to a farmer to pick up food ourselves straight from the field.

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Yellow food, perfect for your skin

yellow food

In the series about colored food (not meaning food that is colored but has a color!) yellow food has two big benefits: it’s a mood booster and it’s very beneficial for your skin. Like its color it’s sunny, glowing and radiant.

Yellow fruits and vegetables contain phytochemicals, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that can combat against severe illnesses and heart issues. 

One of the phytochemicals in yellow fruits and vegetables is called bio-flavonoid. This is sometimes referred to as Vitamin P. This element is especially helpful for the skin to replenish itself.

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Red Food: red is the color of love for a reason

Red food

They always say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I have always thought this was a funny expression, but I have to admit Tom cares more about good tasting food than I do. I eat to stay healthy. 

And especially when you are getting older it’s important to look carefully at what you eat. The emphasis lies on variety. Second important aspect is to look at which part of your body and health needs extra attention.

For example: my husband had a couple of fierce gout attacks years ago and has kept a purine-free diet ever since. I have a tendency for arthritis, so I avoid among other things the use of salt and alcohol.

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Pumpkin potato soup

Pumpkin Potato soup

Simple, yet delicious recipe

I moved out of my parents’ house when I was 18 and until then never had to cook a meal. Since I didn’t want that to happen to my son, I bought him a children’s cookbook when he was 7. Can’t start too soon I guessed.

He took his cookbook with him when he moved out of the house, but both him and me still have recipes we enjoy. This Pumpkin Potato soup is one of them. Real easy to make and both preparing and cooking won’t take too much time.

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Can you turn the food menace into a savior?

Food from menace to savior

Why do we need to turn the food menace into a savior? The significance of food as a savior and a menace is best understood in its contribution to the rise of life expectancy during the past century and a half. Average life expectancy almost doubled. This great achievement I have always attributed to the presence of clean water and better health care. This is only relatively true. The rise in life expectancy must be mainly attributed to the mechanization of food production in the USA.

However, the past couple of years in the ‘Western’ world the rise in life expectancy has come to a standstill. This is the result of the decline in the quality of the food, more particularly the prefabricated state of most of it. This is a serious threat to the health of more and more people. Food no longer is the savior it also became a serious menace. How can we turn the food menace into a savior again?

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How we prevent the ‘oatmeal porridge catastrophe’

oatmeal porridge catastrophe

Will we all and only eat oatmeal porridge in 2050?
The answer is yes if we are to believe a recent article in the German newspaper Frankfurter Algemeine Zeitung. In 2050 10 billion people will inhabit the earth. The challenge is to stretch our agricultural capacities within the limits of our environmental capacities. If we can’t, we will all have to eat oatmeal porridge in 30 years.

Personally I am not a fan of porridge, let alone oatmeal porridge. Besides I am not sure that’s a healthy food. That’s why, in my personal view, it’s an obvious but also astoundingly interesting challenge to prevent the ‘oatmeal porridge catastrophe’.

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Portion distortion at your plate

Pasta Ratatouille Bake – One of my favorite recipes

A good health as well as a poor health are quite often attributed to our diet. There is a limited truth in this. Our age, the height and weight of our body, our lifestyle, and also our hormones, potential medication, and our health status, contribute to how we feel. As far as food can make us feel better, it is good to reflect on our dietary intake.

Good health, good weight, and good food

Although there is an abundant amount of information on the Internet on food, it’s very easy to get totally at loss. Just try to answer the question how you can combine the goal of a steady and acceptable weight, with a good health and exceptional good food. The best I found on the Internet is the ‘weight loss plan’ of the National Health Service (NHS UK –

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