What is the Meaning of a Personal Legacy? Being remembered for . . .

What is the Meaning of a Personal Legacy?

In the past I have been a caregiver. The last 10 years of my father’s life for both my parents. And after his passing another 10 years for my mother. The periods after their deaths were intensive times of reflection. 

What is the meaning of a personal legacy? What do I remember most about my parents? And as a consequence: what do I want to be remembered for later?

We probably all want to be remembered for great deeds, but are we actually setting anything in motion that indeed is great? How big are our dreams and what efforts do we take to accomplish them?

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What is Passive Income anyway? Have you ever heard of it?

What is Passive Income anyway?

Some 8 years ago I was attending a business seminar and suddenly I pricked up my ears. What? What was he saying? The topic was Income and passive income was mentioned as one of the possibilities.

Until then, I had never heard of the phrase and for a while I kept wondering “What is passive income anyway?”

It was a solid business seminar and the question was answered thoroughly that day. Ever since I was intrigued and have tried several possibilities. I love learning new stuff and this was new to me. Although… not completely new, because unaware of the terminology I had been making a couple of passive income streams. 🙂

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Happiness is more than thinking positive thoughts

What have neuromarketing and epigenetics to do with happiness and positive thoughts

When someone asks me “What defines your happiness?”, then for me it’s often studying and learning new things. Last year my focus point was neuromarketing. This year it is epigenetics

Those 2 disciplines both have the primal brain as their object of study. Neuromarketing got my interest from a business point of view, where epigenetics triggers me on a personal level.

Epigenetics is a new discipline that studies the influence of our environment and our behavior on the activation of genes. It shows that anything we do, eat, drink or think can make us stronger or weaker. 

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Success is not a guarantee for happiness

Success is not a guarantee for happiness
My Dad (seen on his back) explaining his profession during an Open House

The mother of my father had to raise 6 children on her own during the crisis of the 30s, because my grandfather died young. So my father had a job from age 12.
He was determined to study and work himself up to a better position.

He went to night school and became a very skilled metalworker. During World War II he was imprisoned in an Arbeitslager.
My father always claimed this hadn’t been too bad because he found refuge in his profession and could perfect his skill there.

Given his history it was understandable why my dad valued working hard and being successful more than being happy.

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Daydreaming with a plan

Daydreaming with a plan

The conference room was packed with 800 people! The subject was Personal Development. I was not sure if I would be comfortable enough in a room so full of people. Would I feel safe enough to dig into myself?

At the end of the day the answer turned out to be ‘yes’. The process, the support team, the other people (who by the way were just as insecure as I had been); all contributed to a great experience.

I went home with a plan. 🙂

Out of my comfort zone

As an entrepreneur I was used to setting goals. Usually at the start of a new year. But I am raised the Dutch way: ‘be modest, do not brag, do not imagine that you are better than anybody else’.

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Make a daily intention – happiness is living on purpose

Make a daily intention and write it down

On and off I have kept a diary all my life. As a teenager I mainly daydreamed in it. In my thirties it was useful to get a grip on my relationships. During our holidays I described where we went and what the prices were.

It’s only for the past 7 years that my way of writing changed. That’s why nowadays I call it a journal instead of a diary.

My journal serves several objectives. I explained in other blogposts how you can be more happy by being grateful and why it’s good to allow yourself to experience emotions. In this article the focus is on making a daily intention.

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