Make a Daily Intention – Happiness is Living on Purpose

Make a Daily Intention - Happiness is Living on Purpose

Having a purpose in life, is a guarantee to make you feel happy. Haven’t we all experienced times in our life we were working on something and had to force ourselves to stop for the day? And couldn’t wait to continue the next day.

A lot of people only experience this as a kid and forget all about it in adult life. Having a purposeful daily intention can bring that feeling back.

Tom and I always loved our job. On the rare occasions when that was not the case, we resigned. And later, when we were entrepreneurs, we didn’t work with clients who were too stressful.

Some friends and acquaintances said, almost enviously, that we were lucky. While we felt that we were just working for it. Yet, it was in an unconscious way. That changed later by using some tools. This article is about how you can give meaning to a daily intention.

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10 Remarkable Health Benefits of Laughing and a Sense of Humor

10 Remarkable Health Benefits of Laughing and a Sense of Humor

The first time I heard about the health benefits of laughing was at a health seminar. The story went like this:

A man heard from his doctor that further treatment of his cancer was of no use and that his life prospects were about 3 months. He had a lot of money and no heirs, so he decided to spend his last days as pleasant as possible. 

He took up residence in a penthouse of a hotel with full board and access to the Humor Channel and watched funny movies and stand up comedians all day long.

After 3 months he was still alive. And also the next 3 months passed by without anything of importance happening. So he ran out of money, was kindly asked to pay the bill or else to leave the hotel, and returned to the hospital for a check-up.

His cancer was gone.

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Is true happiness possible in times like this?

Is true happiness possible in times like this?

These are trying times. With many people in lockdown, this is a major drain on our mental health. Even when life hasn’t changed that much, like Tom’s and mine, it is obvious that the mere fact we can’t do as we please causes discomfort and confusion.

Is true happiness possible in times like this? I think it is, but let’s be honest and realistic – it asks for more effort.

Effort? Isn’t being happy not just something you are or are not?

Many people who struggle in life often belittle happiness and like to claim that true happiness is not even possible at all. Trying times or not. 

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Happiness is more than thinking positive thoughts

What have neuromarketing and epigenetics to do with happiness and positive thoughts

When someone asks me “What defines your happiness?”, then for me it’s often studying and learning new things. Last year my focus point was neuromarketing. This year it is epigenetics

Those 2 disciplines both have the primal brain as their object of study. Neuromarketing got my interest from a business point of view, where epigenetics triggers me on a personal level.

Epigenetics is a new discipline that studies the influence of our environment and our behavior on the activation of genes. It shows that anything we do, eat, drink or think can make us stronger or weaker. 

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