What is the Meaning of a Personal Legacy? Being remembered for . . .

What is the Meaning of a Personal Legacy?

In the past I have been a caregiver. The last 10 years of my father’s life for both my parents. And after his passing another 10 years for my mother. The periods after their deaths were intensive times of reflection. 

What is the meaning of a personal legacy? What do I remember most about my parents? And as a consequence: what do I want to be remembered for later?

We probably all want to be remembered for great deeds, but are we actually setting anything in motion that indeed is great? How big are our dreams and what efforts do we take to accomplish them?

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To prevent health risks you need your social circle

To prevent health risks you need your social circle

When you’re aging and want to prevent health risks, you have to motivate your social circle as much as yourself. Even when you’re over 60, prevention of health risks pays off. However, such prevention does not come easy.

Prevention is a lifestyle intervention tool. For most of us our lifestyle is the consequence of a long and repetitive social process. That’s why it’s very hard to try to change your lifestyle on your own.

As much as yourself, you will have to motivate the social circles in which you participate. In this article I explain why, and offer some suggestions on how you can motivate your social circle to help you.

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To eat healthy or not to eat healthy? Is that the question?

‘To eat healthy’, gets far more gravity in these days of confinement. That is because to sit at home all day comes with the imminent risk of over-eating and under-exercising.

It takes quite some self-discipline to eat healthy and to stay in motion when locked up inside four walls.

What is your ‘eating lifestyle’?

Drink enough water

But what is ‘to eat healthy’? Does this mean that you eat healthy food and drink healthy? Most eat-professionals suggest certain food consumption behaviors. For example:

  • Chew your food well
  • Take and mark your time to eat
  • Drink enough water
  • Eat fresh produce 
  • Vary what you eat from one day to the other

Of course, most of us already try to balance our intake of calories, vitamins, carbohydrates and proteins. Some of us follow specific eating patterns. Such as the ketogenic and paleolithic diet. We think it’s worthwhile to study those patterns and to try them out. 

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To enjoy retirement requires a good health and enough money

Retirement and cycling

Whoever wants to enjoy his or her retirement for a long time must have a good health and enough money saved. It’s that simple. People with little education and a low income are more often unhealthy and often have less money to put aside for retirement. Their life expectancy is shorter.

A lot of education and a high income make people sensitive to lifestyle information

Probably there is no causal link between unhealthiness, much or little education and a high or low income. There are people with little education and a low income who have a healthy lifestyle and therefore often also have a longer life expectancy.

Although people who have received a lot of education and are richer can also live very unhealthily. However, this is less common because they are more sensitive to the enormous amount of information about a healthy lifestyle.

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What not to do when you want to lose weight

Stick to your goal

When I was young I weighed 50 kg. With my height of 1.72 m that hardly was sufficient and I often had black spots in  my eyes when I rose from a squatting or sitting position.

After my pregnancy this changed dramatically. I was happy I had gained 20 to 25 kg and that I didn’t lose it after giving birth to my son.

The menopause brought another change. Suddenly I saw myself in the mirror with a bloated head. I had gained too much weight and it showed. When I finally had the nerve to weigh myself, the scale showed an unwanted 86 kg.

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Portion distortion at your plate

Pasta Ratatouille Bake – One of my favorite recipes

A good health as well as a poor health are quite often attributed to our diet. There is a limited truth in this. Our age, the height and weight of our body, our lifestyle, and also our hormones, potential medication, and our health status, contribute to how we feel. As far as food can make us feel better, it is good to reflect on our dietary intake.

Good health, good weight, and good food

Although there is an abundant amount of information on the Internet on food, it’s very easy to get totally at loss. Just try to answer the question how you can combine the goal of a steady and acceptable weight, with a good health and exceptional good food. The best I found on the Internet is the ‘weight loss plan’ of the National Health Service (NHS UK – https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/healthy-weight/start-the-nhs-weight-loss-plan/).

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Reaching a desired goal

Lose weight slowly and healthy to feel great about yourself.

It was horrible to see our friend that ill. And even worse hearing his story about unattended complaints and wrong diagnoses. It got us thinking. How could we be sure we didn’t have any hidden illnesses?
So as soon as we could, we went to the GP for a blood and a urine test.

What a disappointment. Both our cholesterol levels were way too high. And here we thought we were doing so well, eating healthy and moving a lot. The solution was to lose weight. I had to lose at least 10 kilos and my husband 15.

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