Are You Grateful Today? Being Grateful Everyday Pays Off

Are You Grateful Today? Being Grateful Everyday Pays Off

As a kid, I had to pray before meals and every night before sleep. As a rebellious teenager, I really didn’t feel like it anymore. Are you grateful today? Why does that matter?

In my twenties, I even deregistered from the Catholic parish. Seeing that misery in Northern Ireland or the Middle East, for example, only because one party believed in a different God than the other party. Not for me.

As a consequence, praying was off-limits for me as well.

I still don’t pray. Yet nowadays, I do express my gratitude for my life, for my husband, my family, and all other good things that happen to me on a daily basis.

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How to Have a Healthy Lifestyle that Contributes to Longevity

How to Have a Healthy Lifestyle that Contributes to Longevity

How to have a healthy lifestyle that contributes to longevity is a challenging issue. We’ve addressed this issue before. In this article, we present a new perspective by summarizing the key elements.

Fortunately, most people are in good health. They consciously arrange for a healthy lifestyle and longevity. They are very keen at adapting to a healthy lifestyle, are successful in doing so, and are very happy about it.

We think that everybody can copy their behavior, to improve longevity and age successfully. The trick is to adapt our personal lifestyle to their example. 

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How to Increase Longevity: Challenge Yourself to be Absolutely Happy

How to Increase Longevity: Challenge Yourself to be Absolutely Happy

If you are looking for ways how to increase longevity in a sustainable way the best method is: choose to be happy! It’s easier said than done, I know. Yet I also know from experience that choosing to be happy really is a possibility.

Through the years everybody encounters hardship. It’s part of life. The big question is: how do you react to these moments of need. 

  • Will you sit in a corner and feel sorry for yourself?    
  • Do you ignore that something is the matter? 
  • Or will you grab yourself by the shoulders and shake yourself up?

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Keep an open mind: Challenge your experiences

Keep an open mind: Challenge your experiences

I first experienced the importance of an open mind when I started to listen to music. Radio-pirates transmitted the music I preferred from their boats off the coast. With the little transistor I got for my birthday I was able to tune in on them.

But how did I know I preferred the ‘pirate’ music over classical music from the state sanctioned post-war distribution radio? Through my friends. They shared their excitement with me. And through the newspaper I read every morning. 

Of course, I wanted to identify myself with my friends through the music they liked. I wanted to be part of our group. However, very early I noticed how important it is to keep an open mind. And not just for music. I will explain how I found out and learned to keep an open mind.

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26 Ways to Spend your Time before Breakfast

Walking before breakfast

The way you spend your time before breakfast sets the tone for the rest of the day. It even influences the way you will sleep at night. 

Especially in these challenging times of the Coronavirus, it’s tempting to get sloppy.

But I can assure you from my own experience that when you give in to feeling down it is the start of a slippery slope downwards. You will not care about your plans anymore, about how you look, or about what you eat and drink.

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My mother enjoyed her Life Album immensely

Life Album

My mother was on a closed ward in a nursing home. She suffered from Vascular Dementia. In 2011 the Home asked me to make her a Life Album, a biography of my mother’s life with pictures and text. 

I had made several scrapbooks in the past so the idea appealed to me. And they made the task easy for me by giving me a printed binder, so it was basically a ‘fill in the blanks’ exercise.

I took good care of my mum from the time my father died. But there is one thing I deeply regret: that I didn’t make her a Life Album when she was still okay. I could have asked her so much more details. 

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Assistive technologies counteract aging conditions

All sorts of conditions determine our everyday behavior, and fix us in time and space. They seem to leave us very little room to maneuver. For instance, given time we will age. Fortunately all kind of assistive technologies can help us to cope with the conditions that inherently accompany aging.

Assistive technologies compensate adverse effects


Most of the assistive technologies compensate for the adverse effects of conditions that determine our everyday live:

  • Our innate physical limitations, such as aging;
  • Shortcomings and risks associated with our physical, social and political environment;
  • Laws and rules;
  • Macro-economic developments that determine our financial status;
  • And technological possibilities.

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Why you have to allow yourself to experience your emotions

Experience your emotions

As a child, adults often tell you not to cry, to ignore your sadness. Culturally speaking, we are taught to avoid all unpleasant emotions. At any cost. 

So, our impulse when we experience strong emotions is to escape them. We might do this by drinking too much alcohol, taking drugs, staying busy, emotional eating (or restricting food), smoking, and a number of other behaviors that harm us. 

Negative emotions often feel stronger than others. When you are dealing with heartbreak it feels as though the world is ending. No pain has ever felt so concentrated, so deep or so agonizing. 

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A day in the life of a healthy 60-plusser

A healthy 60-plusser

When we were children, rarely we thought about health and fitness. Unless we got seriously ill, we lived without a care in the world. We ate junk food, played games for hours on end, and drank soda pops at midnight. And the best thing? We never had to pay for it. Our bodies were in superb condition no matter what we put them through!

As we get older, our thoughts invariably switch to our health. We realize that we simply cannot sustain a life of indulgence. We want to extend our life expectancy and be free of debilitating conditions, such as diabetes and osteoporosis.

So we have to get active and we have to keep fit.

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Portion distortion at your plate

Pasta Ratatouille Bake – One of my favorite recipes

A good health as well as a poor health are quite often attributed to our diet. There is a limited truth in this. Our age, the height and weight of our body, our lifestyle, and also our hormones, potential medication, and our health status, contribute to how we feel. As far as food can make us feel better, it is good to reflect on our dietary intake.

Good health, good weight, and good food

Although there is an abundant amount of information on the Internet on food, it’s very easy to get totally at loss. Just try to answer the question how you can combine the goal of a steady and acceptable weight, with a good health and exceptional good food. The best I found on the Internet is the ‘weight loss plan’ of the National Health Service (NHS UK –

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