Review: The two defining Moments of Raymond Chandler

Review: The two defining moments of Raymond Chandler

The two defining moments of Raymond Chandler are the encounter with his muse and his invention of the private eye Philip Marlowe. Pearl (Cissy) Eugenie Hurlburt was the stepmother of Chandler’s First World War companion Gordon Pascal. During the thirty years Cissy and Chandler were together he was utterly devoted to her.

His next defining moment was his invention of Philip Marlowe. Marlowe featured as the protagonist in the 7 novels Raymond Chandler wrote. Moreover, Marlowe made him very rich and very famous. Raymond Chandler published his first novel, featuring Philip Marlowe, in 1939 at the age of 50, and the last one in 1958, a year before he died at the age of 70.

Late in 1944 Raymond Chandler portrayed the core of his writing skills as follows: “Thinking in terms of ideas destroys the ability to think in terms of emotions and sensations.”

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