Blue and purple food, the royal colors

Blue and purple food, the royal colors

The last 40 years Tom and I breakfast with fruits. Back then we didn’t vary a lot. One reason being there wasn’t that much available and the other one that we were not as much into trying new things as we are nowadays. Apple, orange and banana – that was about it.

My father had Alzheimer’s, so whenever I read or hear something about preventing this dreadful disease I am all eyes and ears. Blueberries are said to benefit your brain immensely, making me include them in my breakfast almost every day now. 

There are more reasons to add blue and purple food to your plate.

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Yellow food, perfect for your skin

yellow food

In the series about colored food (not meaning food that is colored but has a color!) yellow food has two big benefits: it’s a mood booster and it’s very beneficial for your skin. Like its color it’s sunny, glowing and radiant.

Yellow fruits and vegetables contain phytochemicals, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that can combat against severe illnesses and heart issues. 

One of the phytochemicals in yellow fruits and vegetables is called bio-flavonoid. This is sometimes referred to as Vitamin P. This element is especially helpful for the skin to replenish itself.

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A day in the life of a healthy 60-plusser

A healthy 60-plusser

When we were children, rarely we thought about health and fitness. Unless we got seriously ill, we lived without a care in the world. We ate junk food, played games for hours on end, and drank soda pops at midnight. And the best thing? We never had to pay for it. Our bodies were in superb condition no matter what we put them through!

As we get older, our thoughts invariably switch to our health. We realize that we simply cannot sustain a life of indulgence. We want to extend our life expectancy and be free of debilitating conditions, such as diabetes and osteoporosis.

So we have to get active and we have to keep fit.

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