Do we retire early or not? That is the question

Do we retire early or not? That is the question

Do we retire early or not? What motives could we possibly have to retire early or to postpone retirement

The answers to these questions are a very personal matter. However, in practice, when we contemplate on them, we will very quickly realize that the answers are not easy to give. This is because so many concerns are at stake.

Money is an issue, of course. Our wellbeing. Our health. Our partner will have some idea. When employed, the employer usually has made proper arrangements. However, in the end the decision comes down to us.

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The Grey Revolution

grey workforce

The Grey Revolution is a two-pronged revolution. From the 19th century onwards our longevity doubled. At the same time, less and less children are born. The greying and greening of society coincide.

Like most revolutions this ‘grey’ one has a tremendous impact on societies. Despite popular views, these impacts are predominantly positive. This needs some explaining.

First some statistics

According to the United Nations (UN) in 2019 the population of people 65 and over is worldwide 9%. In 2050 this will be 16%. However, there are huge differences between countries. For instance, in Spain the amount of people of 65 and over is already 19%, and in Japan even 25%.

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To enjoy retirement requires a good health and enough money

Retirement and cycling

Whoever wants to enjoy his or her retirement for a long time must have a good health and enough money saved. It’s that simple. People with little education and a low income are more often unhealthy and often have less money to put aside for retirement. Their life expectancy is shorter.

A lot of education and a high income make people sensitive to lifestyle information

Probably there is no causal link between unhealthiness, much or little education and a high or low income. There are people with little education and a low income who have a healthy lifestyle and therefore often also have a longer life expectancy.

Although people who have received a lot of education and are richer can also live very unhealthily. However, this is less common because they are more sensitive to the enormous amount of information about a healthy lifestyle.

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