How to manage your weight after 60

If you aspire a healthy and long life you need to take control over your weight

Weight Management
Weight Management for 60+

Weight management gets harder when we age due to the changes in our body. 
There’s only one way to solve that.

You have to take full control of your live. Discipline yourself into action. 

It’s never too late.

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If you weigh too much your health will be affected in a substantial way. The number of overweight-related illnesses is impressive. The biggest hurdle to tackle overweight is to maintain your weight at your desired level.

One of the main causes for concern later in life is the expected weight gain. 

The stakes are high if you want to keep the numbers down on the scale. This will take some serious consideration, but farmost some serious effort.

There are 4 key aims that are the most important to take care of.

Hannie Mommers

Owner and co-founder of AGE with CARE

When I weighed too much, I had all kinds of minor ailments. Small enough not to take immediate action. Too large to move flexible and supple. Too large to sustain long walks.

Until the point I couldn’t even play with my grandchildren in an easy way.

Reading a lot of information about why we gain weight when we age, made me change my food- and exercise-routine and as a result my weight went down. Since that moment I am a big advocate of self care and responsibility for my own life. I want to share that with other 60-plussers.

Be wise and inform yourself

If you get older, you’re supposed to get wiser too. Nevertheless it will do you no harm to inform yourself. This will help you to make your own calculated choices.

I want to help you with this. That’s why I made this eBook about the challenge of weight control. I am convinced this eBook can help you to manage a longer and healthier life.

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